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Pax with small children

Discussion in 'Complaints' started by Choochie, Aug 27, 2015.

  1. Choochie


    Decided to drive for a few hours. First call pin in wrong location, been at these apts many times and always the same, so I text pax, are you in clubhouse (that's where the pin directs) or what bldg. number are you at. She says we'll be right down. Never answers my question. So I again request address. She says I think you came in the wrong driveway. (Yeah because that is where the pin is.) Again I ask the address, she finally tells me. She says we'll be outside. I arrive and there she is with one on her hip and the other about 3-4 years old. I tell her I can't bring her without a car seat and before I could tell her I need a booster seat for the three or four-year-old she takes off and says I'll be right down. Now this is after I circled around for five minutes waiting for her to give me the address and when she goes upstairs, I take off. I get a text saying, you left, that's not right. I say you still need a booster seat for your other kid. She says I have to be somewhere in 15 minutes the closest car is 10 minutes away. I want to text her how I just wasted my time coming from 10 minutes away. I guess they will learn after they get the $10 cancellation fee. I do feel for them trying to lug all that around but I depend on my license to earn a living and I really don't want to tote little kids around in case someone hits me, much more liability.
  2. Disgusted Driver

    Disgusted Driver

    Rock on, you did right for yourself and other drivers. No to kids without car seats and no to 5 pax in a 4 belt car. You just don't need the liability.
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  3. UberMeansSuper


    Dallas, TX
    Yeah. I sympathize for the mother, but, I empathize with you, ChoochieChoochie. I've picked up pax with little kids about 3 times, but thankfully, they've all had either a booster seat (for the toddlers) or the car seat (for the babies). It's probably because of drivers like you that they've run into that have forced them to bring those along for the ride (that, or the parent really cares!). So, thank you, fellow UberPerson!
  4. poopy



    Pax is bad with apps, clocks, and birth control.
    Strike three!

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