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PAX who set pick ups in dangerous spots

Discussion in 'Complaints' started by UberSucker, Dec 9, 2017.

  1. PAX just don't get it and never will. How many times must a PAX set a pick up location at a bus stop or at a no stopping anytime street and want to flag you down and bring you to a complete halt in traffic. And the worst part is that they don't give a **** to such an extreme that they take their sweet ass time with their fat asses getting in the car in the middle of the street with oncoming traffic. My opinion of mankind diminishes with every ride I do.
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  2. Dropking


    Sf bay area
    Educate them when it happens, after parking legally. Often these are tourists who dont know better. Sonetimes they are local jerks, but if you are stopping illegally thats on you. Find a safe spot and collect cancel fee.
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  3. Shakur


    I stop at safest spot and I'm not going to call. I'll cancel on that arse if you take too long. If you happen to reach me before I collect fee, I will inform you, your pickup location was illegal.

    Will also report the rider at the end of the trip...
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  4. Drivers be aware, Friday night corner of Johnston Street and Brunswick Street Fitzroy 2 uniform police were taking photos and handing out tickets to drivers stopping illegally to pick up and drop off passengers.
  5. You're taking it too seriously/getting too stressed. People can request a lot of things; it doesn't mean I'm going to do them. When an idiot tries to flag me down and get me to block traffic for them, or if they would like me to stop at a traffic light that's green, or if they would like a bus-stop pickup then I just make a motion to them with my hand that the pickup will be farther up the street and I keep rolling. No drama, no hassle, no stress - if they choose to follow my car to my chosen pickup point and get in there then they're welcome to. If not, I wait at the pickup point and no show them at 5:00. It's all very simple.
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  6. Last night had pax waiting at busy intersection on the corner where there is literally nowhere to stop, pull in, etc. I called her before hand to let her know that her location was one that I couldn't stop at, and asked her to walk 30 feet towards a pull-in area where I could pick her up safely and legally.

    It took me 6 minutes to get to her due to traffic, and the WHOLE time i'm trying to explain to her where this safe, legal pull in area is, and that she should head in that direction. Finally I pass by her on the corner, she has not moved in the six minutes we've been speaking, I drive to the pull-in area, stop my car, and I am literally looking at her from my car saying "turn around, I'm right behind you. I can SEE you. Just TURN AROUND." She kept repeating "I don't understand! I do not know where you are! Pick me up at pin!" Finally I said I was getting out of my car and walking towards her with my phone, which I started to do and she said "never mind!! I'm canceling the ride!! I'm canceling the ride!!" and as I was about 15 feet from her she canceled but I swear to God I wanted to walk up to her and punch her in the face for being so stupid.

    I've never put so much effort into a goddamn ride before, the only reason I even cared was because it was surging a bit. but then luckily after she canceled I got an even better ride with a passenger who actually knew to wait in the Uber pick up area at the mall.

    Why are people so ****ing goddamned STUPID??!! It's mind blowing.
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  7. unPat


    Just drive past them and wait in a safe spot for 5 minutes . No need to risk yourself or a citation.
  8. Atom guy

    Atom guy

    I've done this so many times. I see the passenger, but they don't see me, and trying to get them to turn around and look is insanely frustrating. It's like some of them look in every conceivable direction except where I am parked. I've beeped my horn, flashed my lights. Nope. Can't see me.
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  9. Mars Troll Number 4

    Mars Troll Number 4

    Drive to the closest safe parking spot, call them and tell them where you are...

    5:01 cancel and drive off

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