Pax wanted to load 6 drunk men into my vehicle



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I got a request for a drop off in Manhattan,i got there to pick him up,to my surprise i saw six men,all drunk trying to fit themselves into my vehicle...I told PAX i won't take more than 4,he started appealing to me to take them all,that they aren't going far,with the promise of heavy tip,i laugh and told him to use the "heavy tip" in getting ride for the remaining two guys and safe me the stress and danger of overloading my four sitter vehicle.I told him it is against TLC and DMV laws,and he said i shouldn't mind that he would pay for the ticket/fine if i'm caught,i told him his money won't buy TLC and DMV points......I told him to either cancel or allow me to take four while others finds their ways,he said they have be go together....At that point,i cancel the trip by myself and told him he can now leave my car as i have cancelled this trip,he did as others too,but he almost slammed my front door out of position.:biggrin:,who cars anyway!:biggrin::smiles:


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When you see 6. cancel. No need to tell them about the law.

Don't say I'll take 4. It never ends well.

Tell them to request XL. BTW XL is not that much from X.


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I always tell them to put 250G per extra head in an escrow or gtfo.

Once someone asked me why. I told her to use her head. Too bad she slammed my doors instead.


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It's been said over and over...keep doors locked until everything looks right. If their destination was close, then XL would only be a couple dollars more. Most likely less than their cancellation fee. Why do they risk getting turned down by a driver and having to pay a cancellation fee?! I always have them cancel and I turn off app for a few minutes just in case they are dumb enough to order another X.
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