PAX tried to scam me more than once

It was 5:00 of waiting and I noticed her coming towards the car. I decided to wait why she was saying her goodbyes to her boyfriend. She finally got in the car and kept waving to him.

As she got in she told me her destination is actually further but she can't set the correct destination because the app didn't let her. She claimed it was due to her account not having enough money. She said to drive to drive past her set destination and that she would give me $20 cash to drive to the further destination. I told her to try to change the destination. Oddly enough it worked.

Anyways, I drove and farther into the trip she asked me if I could let her smoke in the car and that she'd hand me a $20. I said no.

I don't understand how she was able to maintain a 4.88 rating.

Anyways the next day I had an unknown non 5 star. I suspect it was her.


UBER Emp #2266971
Sounds to me like she has multiple 'boyfriends' and is just hiding her tracks from someone. Who fronts 20 dollars for an address change?