Pax threw up in my car


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how long does Fuber take to respond to this matter..?? I want to cry drunk girl threw up in my back seat.. :mad::mad::frown:


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Take more than 6 pictures from different angles, uber ask for a few pix, waits an hour or sometimes a few, then ask for more (Cannot be the same as the first pix) and you have to submit those for full evaluation

UBER hopes you'll clean the car and when they ask for more you'll give them the new pix with littlw or no mess and not pay anuthing

Can take more than a day to pay you, last time it was over 24 hours


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Nobody gets in my ride that seems too drunk, nobody. And this is why...that chick didn't even try and hit the floorboard with her puke...sorry this happened to you OP.

5k trips and no puke inside my ride with the NO DRUNK DRUNKS in my ride RULE...
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