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Pax said he couldn't select UberX, had to pick Pool


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So earlier today I picked up this dude from the USC game, it was a pool ride but picked him up anyway. We got into a discussion about Uber stuff (like most rides) and he mentioned that on our ride the app wouldn't let him pick UberX, and he could only select pool. The dude seemed genuine and he wasn't new to Uber so I don't think he was bullshitting me or playing off his cheapness. I told him if he didn't want to stop for another Pool rider I could just skip over them and he insisted we do that. Didn't get a Pool request on the way from USC -Glendale, anyway.

Any ideas what happened with his app or has anyone seen it before? It's not some new Pool promotion, is it?


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Uberscam they charge more on pool rides to passengers and do not pay the drivers full amount read that in a thread somewhere on this forum. Two weeks ago when was driving had a similar incident. The passenger in woodland hills could not select uberx he made me skip the pool rides but tipped me $25 for not picking passengers. It was a ride to LAx


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I have pax tell me they can't enter an address.

I have pax tell me they put the pin in the right place.

I have pax that tell me ALL the uber drivers let them smoke.

it must be so.
Today I turned on the app as it was surging 1.5x in the valley. Gave ride to three girls one of them claimed ro be working for uber she was telling me how I can get a ticket as the trade dress was in the center of windshield. She has a bottle filled with alcholol and was drinking while enroute to hollywood. @@@@@ had the nerve to ask me how much i make and was acting very oversmart. Rated 1 star and raised concern with uber. She claimed to work in uber office. I am not going to let this issue go away if i dont get a response from uber.


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I always "yeah.. yeah.. oh ok." to whatever they say, claim who or what they are.
I don't give a damn care about it. All i care is drive with their surge ride requests.


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I've had about five riders tell me they couldn't get the app off of Pool. When using the rider app to check Plus I've seen the slider get stuck on Pool as well. If you try a few times it does move when this happens.
I've had people tell me this as well. The reality is that it is human error. I operate the PAX app every day all day when I work and have ZERO problems toggling away from pool.

The PAX was, how do I say...full of *#^t.


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This may explain why I had nothing but Pool requests (canceled every one of them) on Friday..


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Sounds more like it's a glitch or intentional on Ubers part. They may have areas like USC where they have lots of riders or going to airports and they want to herd riders into pool rides. Kind of like a reverse dissapearing surge area.


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When you now turn the pax app on the default setting the rider gets automatically is "POOL".. if they don't slide it to "X", they just ordered a pool.

Drinking, smoking and poor breeding will cause pax to not notice this.

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