PAX Rating Survey done by myself


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We all know there is really no rhyme or reason how PAX rate but I was very curious so I started asking single rider pax over the past 30 days about how they rate so that I might be able to get a better understanding and thought I would share. I currently carry a rating with Uber of 4.93 (down from 4.96 a month ago) and a 4.95 Lyft rating (down from 4.96 a month ago) Why is it down? Because I only do Thurs -Sat nite now part time.

Here is what I found out. (I went through all my cam vidoe/audio and wrote it down).

# of pax surveyed by me = 56 (didn't ask every rider just the ones I felt were cool and honest)

Category A = 18-29 years of age ( not really sure of their age but a good guess) 37 single riders
Category B = 30+ years of age. (19 single riders)

1) How often do you rate your driver?
a) sometimes 6, always 19, not usually unless it is really bad 12
b) Sometimes 4, always 10, not usually 5

2) How do you determine how many stars you rate a driver?
Group A Most common replies ( at least 3 or more of the same reply is listed):
How long I have to wait to get picked up (most common answer)
If he is cute
What kind of car it is
Depends if the driver is creepy
If they drive too fast
If the driver is willing to stop for me
If they don't know where they are going
If the driver is nice
If the driver speaks English or not ( Second most common answer)

Group B Most common replies ( at least 3 or more of the same reply is listed):
Clean car (most common answer)
Safe Driving
Professionalism (Second most common answer)
Knows where they are going
Seems intelligent (regarding pick up and drop off locations)
Good conversation
Treats me like a customer not just a ride

3) Do you know how the rating systems works relative to rating a driver?
Group A 12 yes, 20 no, 5 don't really care
Group B 14 yes, 5 no

4) How often do you tip your driver?
Group A 3 usually, 10 sometimes, 24 don't tip or don't think they have to tip it's included in the fare
Group B 10 usually, 4 sometimes, 5 No (note all 5 No's were Indian)

5) Has your U/L experience been positive
Group A Yes usually 23, 10 most of the time yes, 4 don't like a lot of the drivers
Group B Yes usually 15, most of the time yes 4

6) Have you ever had to report a driver or have you ever given a 1 Star rating?
Group A 9 yes, 26 no
Group B 1 yes, 16 no

7) Are you aware that drivers also rate the passengers and your rating reflects who is willing to to accept your ride request?
Group A 22 yes, 15 no
Group B 7 yes, 12 no

Draw your own conclusions. The survey results are in. Uber On!!

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