Pax made me a tiny bit upset for once.

kc ub'ing!

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get me annoyed
If you can’t handle conversations with people of a different point of view, stay off touchy subjects. It’s easy!

“I don’t do politics bro. How bout them bears?” Or a simple, “oh I hear ya man, ain’t it a thing.” As you blow off whatever the subject is. Why disagree? Riders vent to drivers just like bartenders. Be a resource!

That said, trump is a pos! Our country isn’t so great. Japanese interment, slavery and women’s suffrage: 3 reasons off the top of my head. Further, poor children go hungry and if you can’t afford medicine you die. ‘God bless America!’; if you can afford it!

Disgusted Driver

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Going back to OP and ignoring all the crap in both directions like you should if you are driving.

2 choices, easiest is: "I understand how you feel but I avoid discussing politics just like bartenders do because it kills tips" or just go umm hum in reply, play along.


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In order to minimize problems, and reduce chances of escalating things into arguments, always always agree with the passenger and never ever try to correct them or counter their comments. When I drove, as far as my passengers are concerned I was a Democrat, Republican, religious person, atheist, pro/against guns/abortion/drugs/alcohol.

Along with the above, never really give personal information. I'm married/single/divorced. Have kids, no kids. Just play the situation to your advantage for tips purpose.

Good luck.
Agree 100%, it’s all about the tips. Who cares about trying to correct someone or make a point. AND, you can do it skillfully in a way that keeps your dignity intact.
Pax: I hate trump.
Answer: a lot of people do.
Pax: I love trump
Answer: a lot of people do.

The only time I ever spoke out was to try to help someone. Tourist from out of town was wearing a red MAGA hat and was going to Atlantic Ave in Brooklyn. Bad idea. I tried to convince him to lose the hat or his personal safety was at risk. Didn’t listen to me. God only knows what happened to him.


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The Pax is right though. Trump has turned this country into a 3rd world country.
Look at how all the white supremacist are fully out and about not hiding their hatred. This was not a issue when Obama was POTUS.
It's embarrassing what he has done to this place.
Other countries hate us think we're all stupid. Go to another county with American flag patch on your backpack and see how hated we really are.
Please point out where and how the white supremacists are causing problems.


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Murdering innocent Americans
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Gilroy Garlic Festival shooting: No known motivation as of 2020 according to Wikipedia.
El Paso shooting: Maybe.
Dallas shooting: What shooting are you talking about?
Dayton shooting: Perpetrator described himself as leftist and antifa.
Kenosha shooting: It looks like you're talking about Rittenhouse. What in blue blazes made you think he's a white supremacist?

So, you've got one yes, one maybe, one antifa (that's a no), one which you didn't clearly identify the incident, and one pants-on-fire absolutely not. Did you bother to check any of this stuff before you posted?


That is so funny, because the Israeli Air Force was trained by the USAF, and the planes that are used are bought from the US. The guy does not research his stuff, but that is not unusual for Liberals.


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Portland Shooter
Last time I checked, neither Michael Reinoehl nor his victim were white supremacists.
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Come to Portland oregon and find out.
If you want to convince me that white supremacy plays a significant or even detectable part in the ongoing rioting, you'll have to offer some sort of proof. Failing that, I'll just shrug and conclude that it's BS.