PAX lies


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Just got a support message that I picked up a Pax using an unregistered car so my account is Deactivated..I told them out of 24 trips I made last night, does it make sense that i picked just one pax using a different car and the rest with same car I have been using. Advised that Pax should prove to them how he was able to locate me if I was in a different car because us drivers, don't get out of car yelling for Riders names.Its the Pax who locates the driver based on information they have on App.If I used another car, how come the other Riders didn't complain.

It didn't take Uber to re-activate my account. Ready to Uber on tonight, what other lies am I expecting tonight.This is my first complaint besides the normal Navigation,Professionalism and Safety ones...


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Anything for a free ride.

Theyll do anything. I have seen it all. Im sure the ride was a big surge at close. Thats why you dont drive Uptown Parasites.

And if you think Uber gives 2 hits about you, your a fool.


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I always get the weirdos from deep ellum & anywhere south of 30; that go to some sketch hoods. That's the bullshit crowd that can't afford to pay surge. The snotty entitled crowd that lives in uptown & north can afford the rides. Just saying.