PAX going through drivethew and multiple errands.


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Some pax buy me a double CB, at drivethrew , and thats nice,but some don't even ask, excuse me!!! Know the protocol! then i'm like! Ill have a number 4 please! And some make a mess in the car! Trail of lettuce and bits of bun everywhere, and loose frenchfries ! Some want special orders, like is that fresh organic chicken breast? No!!! Its a deep fried cancer chicken sandwich from the dollar meal! Try wholefoods!!! Then some wanna take 40 minutes during Surge, id like a burger slightly medium rare, with no tomato and fresh pickles from the tree, and new brewed coffee, and its only a base fair. And then don't be throwing these big numbers around! Oh that was only 100,000?? Call my office! bla bla bla...Like your a millionaire then go through drivethrew and order off the dollar menu! LOL
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Some pax buy me a double CB, but some don't even ask, then i.m like! Ill have a number 4 please! And some make a mess in the car! Then wanna do shopping, and its only a base fair. LOL
If I do allow the very seldom drive through its only on a long trip and /or a for sure good tip ,, no eating in the car,ever!
And no waiting while they shop unless it's I fast run into 7/11 for something.. I'm not paid to wait especially at less then $9 per hour ..
The pax pays you to get from point A to point B not to be their personal assistant/chauffeur


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I give everyone a straight up, "I don't do drive-thru's."

They have to be SUPER cool and offer me food from the get go, and even before those two factors apply, be on a long trip so I am actually compensated for time. Preferably during surge, or promo boost.

I get a couple sour apples, but I don't care. We all know it's not worth our time, specially on shorties. "Why not?"
"Well, I have zero incentive to take you through the drive through. Time begins calculating 5 minutes into the trip. I can drop you off, if you'd like."
Most people:"nah, it's cool" or "okay"


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You know what got me to stop doing drive-through?

I had a pax, and mind you, was not taking him to a drive through. He had a question for me. "Hey, am I crazy or what? I had a driver take me to a drive through, and told him he could order something. He ordered the most expensive meal on the menu! I was outraged! I one starred his [redacted]. Am I crazy for thinking he shouldn't order anything expensive?" I said that in my experience when people offer, I always refuse. "No, you shouldn't refuse, but only get a side of fries. That is acceptable". "Yes, that may be what you feel is acceptable, but someone else may think only a beverage is acceptable, or that nothing is acceptable, and that the offer is only a polite gesture that should be refused. Your Uber driver is not psychic. He can't tell what you mean when you tell him to 'order something for yourself'"

He got a bit angry, and insisted I get a small order of fries at every drive through I bring a pax to, and that I should alert other drivers that this is "the standard".

Instead, I never took a pax to a drive-through again. "Sorry, Uber does not permit me to take passengers to a drive-through. I can drop you off at the restaurant, or you can end the ride here and order a Lyft".

Driving and Driven

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I have taken two different fares through the Starbucks drive-thru. One was a little old Asian lady and her granddaughter on their way to church where the girl was doing a recital. The other was a business woman who was taking a break in the middle of the day from watching movers moving her stuff into a larger condo.

Guess which one of them offered to buy me a drink while we were in the drive-thru. That's right. It was the same one who also tipped me a couple bucks cash at the end of the ride as she started to usher her granddaughter into the church. That little trumpet player has a five-star grandma.


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It has to be at least 3.0 surge for me to agree to a drive thru. Even then I don't allow eating in the car.

I wish more pax were like the guy I drove from his house to a nearby grocery store the other day. When we got there he asked me if I would wait for him and drive him back home. Before I could respond he said "you can drive around or go fill up with gas or something so you'll be getting paid for your time." I'm liking this guy already. Pax are never this considerate. Then as I'm dropping him off back at his house he slips me a $5 tip. I wish more pax would take a page from this guy's book. I would have gladly hit a drive thru on the return trip if he had asked.