Pax Gave Me A Hug Instead Of A Tip


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48 inch booty gave me a hug instead of a tip.
I'd like to trade the hug for $20.
I'm at LAX


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My last ride last night/ this morning...
Guy is going 18 or so miles to a hotel at 3am. He's new to town, going yo meet "an old friend" as I'm getting close he asked me to find an atm.

I started busting his chops, Yeah, 3am, hotel, cash. ... I get there and he asks me to wait 5 minutes until his friend comes down stairs, he slipped me a $20. I wait, she comes down. She was cute, young but cute, not stung out looking at all. I tell him be safe, blah blah...

Then he has her get in, I'm like wtf? He said something to her she said nodded and said something back. She gets out and gets on the front. I'm like okay... where to? She says go park on the side ....

Dude was going to pay for a oral massage for me. I thanked but declined, he tried to talk me I to it. I declined again

He handed me the 40, i split it with her... I dont know why, just seemed right.

Still not a bad end to the night, 15 miles 25 minutes, $63.00


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Same thing for me last Thursday. Hot chick from Vancouver but lives LA. She was a little flirty during the trip but nothing over the top. When we got to LAX she gave me a hug. Totally missed the signs she was giving. She didn’t tip so the hug and a phone number would have worked. Oh well.