PAX forgotten Item


What happens when a PAX forgot an Item and has been notified by uber?
Scenario 1: PAX is notified but doesnt contact you for item?
Scenario 2: If you have to go drop Item, who pays for the cost/milage? PAX?


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Apply the next ping rule. If the pax calls you before your next ping, "I'll be glad to bring back your item right away". If you got your next ping and are taking other pax, "im sorry sir/madam I'm carrying other passengers you will have to wait".

Unless the pax offers you money, send the items back to their nearest post office COD and never tell uber you have a lost item as they will make you bring the item back for free.
Having said all that you should check the back seat after every ride avoiding such a situation,you never know what you may find, once found a $20 Bill (personal tip for me, pax called me about it and I said sorry don't see it) and a joint,also a tip:smiles:

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Is it possible for the pax to contact you once you've accepted your next ride? I thought the auto-forward only applied to your most recent ride.

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I've had a pax call me while I was driving to pick him up. A few days later he called me again because he didn't recognize the number on his phone. He needed to know why a long distance number was showing on his phone not realizing it was an Uber generated number. So, yes they can call but not text as far as I understand it.


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Sargent Scholtz...

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drop the stuff where ever you want. uber will @@@@ ya and ask you to bring it back, of line, off the clock and for free. its part of the uber experience. Drop it at the office, the police station or the nearest trash can.