Pax claims wallet left in my car


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Got a message from Uber support that a pax claims he left his wallet in my car. It was a short ride from Dunkin' Donuts to his house and I remember it clearly because I almost shuffled it. Nice kid (maybe around 18 or so) but kind of a space cadet as he had some trouble finding my car. Burrried his head in his phone for the short trip like most people do. I always remind my pax not to leave anything and I always look over my shoulder and check. Still it might be possible for a pax to forget something. However, in this case it was my last ride of the day and I have not given any rides since. I just double checked the car and no wallet. Replied so to Uber support. I am not taking any phone calls or calling the person who forwarded a number via Uber support.
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Fast reply from Uber:

"We appreciate your prompt response and for taking your time in looking for the wallet of XXX. We are glad to hear that there are still driver-partners like you that take care of their riders and their belongings.

We have sent an email to them, to let them know about your efforts in searching for their item and in the event the item comes up, we'll let them know the soonest.

Please continue to deliver great service and have a great day ahead."
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Awhile ago picked up a guy in apartment complex, he walked across parking lot to my car, got in. Took him about a mile away. 10 min later, get a phone call, it's him, says wallet is missing. I look in back, no wallet, but offer to go back to him. Looks in my car, no wallet. I ask him where he usually keeps his wallet. He shows me in pocket of light jacket he has on. Guess what, pocket has no zipper. My theory: it fell out while he was walking across parking lot to my car. Take him back to his apt complex and theory upheld, it's in the parking lot. Take him back to original dropoff. I did all this for nothing, that's the guy I am.

Yesterday, I picked up 2 guys on side of road with a small trailer, they ran out of gas. Took them to gas station, they bought a container, got 2 gal gas. I ended the ride at this point. Took them back to their pickup and trailer. Put gas in, still won't start. They were parked on the shoulder of highway and truck is leaning a bit. Gas won't siphon up into engine. Took them back to station, got 2 more gal gas, back to truck, it started. Gave me $10 tip. I was happy to help travelers in need.