Pax Alert!


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I forgot til today to post. Sorry folks!

But watch for E. (4.3 well lower now probably) he is hispanic male. Lives in various places in South/Southeast Houston.
I picked him up off S. Shaver and Hwy 3 in a neighborhood pretty early in the evening 8:30ish. Got pinged when I dropped at the Marriott.

I saw the destination. But didn't register with me til we got closer. Its behind Mancuso's Cycle Shop off 45 South near Edgebrook. I advised nothing stupid better happen.

Sure enough 2 cars blocked me from the front. Another came in from behind but room was left for me to try to turn around. He got out and told them to move and let me leave. They did but I was stared down.

Yes he got 1 star and I reported to Uber. Even told them I won't pick him up anymore.
I would just watch for E. as a name do to they can block him. But he can use one of his 3 phones he had.

I know many neighborhoods that I won't go into very late on the wknds. Thats one of them. None of these neighborhoods have cleaned up ever. I am finding areas I did Security back in the 1990's are still just as bad. I would say they were playing around trying to scare people. But this isn't the 1990's. And even cops are being shot for no reason.

Protect yourself and expect the unexpected. I do!


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Scary scenario.

BTW, they can change the name to anything in the rider app.

Looks like E likes playing games but should realize he's living in Texas and will get screwed big time playing chicken.

Thanks for the heads up!


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Next time, consider locking your doors before he gets back in (after the other cars pull out)