Pax admits being banned from Lyft

Mista T

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Picked up an Uber pax. She tells me she has been banned from Lyft. One night she and 2 friends took a Lyft ride and a friend in the backseat pulled out some cocaine. BAM she is done!


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Falsely? No way dude! Her coke was real man! This chick's coke is always the bamdizzle. We were tripping balls yo!
Ye but i mean alot of pax lie shit to get free ride, wondering if goes other way if they get cooked too


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People are terrible , some more some less.
The other day I gave a ride to a lady who you are hoping never meet in your life- she was from Child Protective Services and since she was feeling well after a party, she told me why they take children away in some cases.
It was couple of days ago but what she told me still sits in my head and doesn’t want to leave me alone. People from her stories live in my town, breath sane air as me , maybe I even meet them somewhere. Sick