Pathetic rate


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Dang I've learned me lesson awhile back I will never take a ride that car again unless it surging 2.0 or more just not worth it I would of canceld and asked them to kindly request another bozo


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I would've dead miled back towards Novato and hoped for a ride back across the gg.

Actually I'd take that ride all day on lyft. If you meet pdb and drive 40 min to marin county, that's still $42/hr.

Really depends on your strategy and situation


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Jesus. I don't mind long ones but that one is pushing it...totally woulda fobbed that off on some other poor bastard


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If it was uberdancer he would have gotten a ride back to sf from napa
I am wondering where should I go to catch a ride back to SF or the bay to minimize dead mile.

Yesterday, it took me an hour to drive home. Luckily, there was no traffic, so it was not that bad.


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My ex boyfriend works in quantitative data research at Google, he essentially spends his time evaluating numeric data. I had to explain how uberpool payments work to him three times, because he couldn't understand why any driver would volunteer to lose money. Bad