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Passengers who refuse to show up and what do you do?

Discussion in 'Advice' started by shirleyujest, May 12, 2018.

  1. Several times I've gotten to a pick up point, then both called and messaged the passenger, but they obviously don't want to pay the $5.00 to cancel. This is REALLY annoying, especially after I've driven several miles to the pick up point. What does everyone do? I've actually started and done the trip. Never heard anything from Uber about these trips.
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  2. No surge, cancel. Thank you for the cancel fee and move on.
  3. You wait for the 5 minute timer and at 5:01, cancel, select “rider isnt here”, collect your $5, and move on..
  4. Wait, since when do drivers get cancellation fees when THEY cancel? I've been driving for Uber for three years and have never received a cancellation fee for cancellations that I've made. I see that you're in California. I don't think it works the same way in Michigan.
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  5. Huhh? How does that answer my question?
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  6. Pretty sure this is the case everywhere.. IF you wait for 5 minutes and the pax does not show AND you select “rider isnt here”, you get rewarded a $5 cancellation fee. More if you had to drive over 10 minutes to get there.
  7. I'm sure it doesn't work that way here in Michigan. And actually, several times I was entitled to a cancellation fee when the driver cancelled, and it never showed up in my earnings statement. I just let it go.
  8. You will only see it if YOU cancel and IF you select “pax isnt here”.. you should find the forum section for your market and ask the other drivers there if that’s it it works for you guys.
  9. SpongemanGreg


    Buffalo, NY
    How are cancellation fees for drivers new to you if you've been doing it for 3 years?!?!?!
  10. guffy515255


    I have drove in many Michigan markets, Detroit metro included. You are defintely getting accurate information about how cancellations work. How the hell does one drive for 3 years and not know how cancelations work? Wow
  11. Yep, wait until the 5 min timer runs out and the app says something like “cancel if rider no show.” Hit the cancel button and collect. It’s everywhere Uber is.
  12. Uber does charge a $5 cancellation fee in Wixom, MI.

  13. Thank you for the help. A lot of people on here would prefer to just be rude.
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  14. You my dear have a lot to learn.

    The fact that you've been driving for 3 years is a bit troubling. You should be giving us tips.

    But,it is what it is.

    What matters is you found us.

    Please stick around despite some of us being jerks sometimes.

    I suspect you will benefit a lot by reading some of these threads.
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  15. Sometimes” ?
  16. Coachman


    This thread cracks me up. But what I didn't know is that I can drive around doing rides without passengers in the car and still get paid. I'll have to try that!
  17. #professoruber


    Lot A @ DFW
    Uber loves drivers like this. Just driving around cluelessly, doing whatever it takes to get a person in their car (I witnessed driver spend an hour getting his passengers in his car), and has no clue about a cancel fee/our pay schedule.
  18. disp350


    SE PA/NJ
    Make sure you take a screenshot when the "Cancel if No Show" pops up. I have used that a few times when I didn't get a cancellation fee. It's hard for them to dispute when you show them proof that you're doing what they say to do.

    They no doubt do. But it still is rediculous they let new divers sign on without the slightest bit of training. In the end, we are the one's yelling at all the newbies as they stop to pickup or discharge passengers in the middle of one lane city streets.
  19. Jcewr17


    Jersey City, NJ
    It’s like working 3 years as a doctor and not knowing that she’s dealing with sick people. Lmfao!

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