Passenger sneaked a pet dog


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Picked up two middle aged passengers from the airport yesterday. The woman comes in first with two suitcases the the husband trailing behind with his. I did not pay attention to the man but he must have had the dog under his shirt. I focus on driving and did not see the dog till I reach destination. I one stared them for the dog hair on my new car seats, but did not report to lyft.

What would you do in such circumstance?

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Good luck with that shit
..........................Literally, from your experience....................

If you realise it upon arrival, or, even close to arrival, there just ain't a whole lot you kin do. You can one star them and report them to Uber, as if that would do a whole lot of anything.

If you see it upon pick-up, even then you must be careful. I have read and heard about too many incidents where a driver refused to haul an animal and the customer complained to Uber that the driver would not accept his Service Tortoise. Uber and Lyft do not investigate those complaints; they simply de-activate, no questions asked.


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I point it out as soon as I notice. I let them know that deception is the best way to get kicked out of the vehicle. The only time someone tried to sneak, it was kind of a joke because I picked them up at a vet/kennel. It was a cat in a carrier, but was covered in a normal duffel bag...left open for the cat to breathe. I pointed it out that I heard the cat. And told the human that it's a bad idea to lie...since the bag was concealing all the negative aspect of it being a cat, I proceeded to complete the ride because it was a good ride going where I wanted to go.

Probably would do the same thing regarding a dog in a jacket...if it doesn't touch my car, I don't really care unless the passenger gives me other reason to kick him out.


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I've also had people sneak dogs and cats under their clothes -- destination turned out to be the vet or groomer.

I've also picked up people with their dogs in a crate.
If they're not messing up my car (there are so many ways), I don't care.
Took a very nice pax and doggy to the airport the other day; good trip.
But if it looks like it's going to be a mess/smell/spill in any way, I would CANCEL.

And then the pax would claim it was a service animal,
and I would be instantly and automatically fired,
regardless of the truth of the situation.
Because that is the economical way for Uber to handle animal complaints.

Luckily I haven't had a bare animal pickup yet.
I know it's going to happen eventually, and then I will either submit like
a proper slave, take the hit on the damage to my car and earnings,
or else Uber will tell me it was my last day.

You're not even allowed to LOOK at pax accidentally in the rearview mirror any more.
How @@@@ing DARE you!
That's now a permanent deactivation.
This is where we are, boys and girls.
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Wow, you guys sound like a bunch of whipped mules....If you decide to hang your head for an APP, YOU are the one holding yourself down.


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I had some dufass bring his teacup yorkie in my car. I gently stated that he may want to call ahead to let drivers k ow and ask If it's ok to bring the dog on board. He never said it was a service animal- he just got sour faced. Oh well. I 1 starred him and kept it moving. I never heard from uber either. That fool knew I was right.


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On Via pets are allowed provided they are in a carrying case according to their website.
I had a guy book a via for 3. When I was close, he called and said he had a dog a d booked the third seat due the dog so I wouldn't get clown car'ed. I was grateful for that. The dog was a pig and well behaved. It was uneventful and I got a tip too.


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I wish they had the option to find a pet friendly driver i will glady pick up someone with a dog any day. Dont care where they are going or anything id rather have a dog than half the paxs i pick up anyday