Passenger rating acceptance threshold


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Hello friends,

Do you have any threshold for accepting riders base on their rating? Or you accept every single ping w/o considering the rider rating?

I think we as driver have our rights as well to accept a rider and those messages by Uber which we have been online and didn't accept a rider is totally BS. Its somehow torture!

Uber says go offline if we don't want to get riders; the truth is I want to get riders but only if they are reasonable person not jerks. Uber push us to accept any rider even thought his/her rating is 3!!!


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Nothing below 4.0 for me. Sorry to all the Bad PAX.
Generous my cutoff is 4.4 same as drivers, or anything over 9 mins away. I'm not sorry either if you got that low of a rating as a passenger I know what type of person you are and I hope it is impossible to get and uber ride for you ever.


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I rarely look at the rating. I'm usually in the middle of navigating traffic. Between that and the countdown timer I don't have the luxury of squinting at the rating printed in -2.5 pt font to determine if I want to accept it or not. I pick up based on distance (if you're nine or 10 minutes+ away, then nope) and location (if you're in a tough place to stop or navigate to like Queens Quay, then nope again).


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Ratings don't care. They only determine how quickly I cancel when they don't make their 2 minute 5 minute time frame. Also if they get a second courtesy call.


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  • 4.3 to 4.69, I question and make a decision based on other factors (surge, time of day, pick-up location, my current mood)
  • 4.7+, not a frequent flyer and make a decision based on the above factors
  • 4.29 and below - I take them all because I am just a curious person and want to get the scoop on your low rating. 50% tend to be good rides and the other 50% are manageable rides. 100% of these do not tip.