Passenger accidentally shoots himself while in the back seat of a Uber


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A passenger accidentally shot himself in the back seat of an Uber on Nov. 18 in Mesa, police and the car's driver confirmed.

The driver, Melissa Veloz, picked up the man and his two friends as they were headed from one East Valley bar to another that night when midway through the ride she heard a deafening pop and smelled smoke, Veloz said.

Uber driver Melissa Velos said the back seat floorboards of hear car had to be torn out after a ...more
Melissa Veloz
The pop and smoke came from the man who was sitting behind Veloz, after he accidentally shot himself in the hand and leg.

"The rider next to me said, 'Let's go to the hospital,' " Veloz told The Arizona Republic. "They pretty much had to direct me where to go, because I was just so out of it. It was like I couldn't even remember where I was."

Mesa police confirmed the incident occurred, but did not provide additional details when contacted by The Arizona Republic.

The incident happened near Guadalupe and Alma School roads in Mesa, Veloz said.

Veloz drove the three riders to Banner Desert Medical Center in Mesa so the man could be treated for his wound. Veloz then met with Mesa police at the hospital to file a report and from there contacted a hazmat team to clean her vehicle, she said.

Unfortunately for Veloz, the blood in her vehicle seeped through into the frame, which meant the team had to cut part of the frame out to sanitize it, effectively totaling the vehicle, she said.

Uber's policy states that it prohibits riders and passengers from carrying weapons in the vehicles "to the extent of applicable law.'' Doing so could lead to a ban from using the app.

A spokesperson for Uber said that the rider was banned after the incident and the company is helping Veloz with some of the costs that occurred during the incident.

Veloz said she is trying to move on. "It's just going to be a matter of getting a new car putting this behind me," she said.


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"Some of the cost", so your pax @@@@s her car and you cover "some of the cost", she could have died, she should be suing them.

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I guess this gives a new meaning to "Drive by shooting". Obviously this pax is clueless on safety and operation of a weapon. Why the hell was the pax's firearm chambered?


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Nothing quite as useless as an unloaded firearm. In this case Darwin was at work trying to cull the stupid, as it clearly wasn't safely secured in a holster. Not to mention the illegality of carrying concealed in an establishment that serves alcohol. However I dont think $150 is going to cover the cleaning.


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Well to each his own but if I have to draw a pistol on the street it'll be because I fear for my life or the life of others and I may not have the time or space or spare hand available to chamber a round.

Just keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to fire. 100% control. Push the thumb safety down as you draw, understanding that it is a mechanical linkage that shouldn't replace the finger off the trigger until ready to fire rule.