Part time drivers


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That's a pretty wide open question and depends on many factors. Events, time of day, where you are, where your rides take you, dead miles, etc etc. Range $10-15/hr when it's slow. $15-20 when going ok. $20-30 when busy with good pings no dead miles. Can spike above that, but that isn't normal and most likely won't be sustained. I've had a Friday where making $25-30/hr. Next Friday lucky to pull $10-15/hr.

You will make good money 4AM-9AM each morning than 10AM until whenever things pick up in the evening. Bars close 1AM. Very busy until about 2 or 2:30AM. And so forth and so on......

And since it looks like you are from the Bay Area, this is a smaller market. It's going to be very different how things roll here.


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I average about $300 a weekend after gas and other stuff. I only drive mornings from 5am to 11am, it’s usually dead after that until after bar time