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PALM SPRINGS LYFT -- Referral restrictions

Don Oldenburg

Active Member
Anyone here driving for LYFT in Palm Springs?

Don't waste your time giving out your referral codes here, or Inland Valley in general. Not currently a first free ride area -- Your cards are worthless here!

You can use them to sign up drivers -- but the rider won't get the first ride free. Which is sad, cause I have a lot of people I've given cards to that would prefer LYFT to UBER here.

I contact support and asked them why I was encouraged to get referral business cards (my mentor originally recommended I get them) when they are useless here. Lyft's response was "They are not useless, the people can use them in markets that have free first ride programs. Yeah -- I didn't waste my money to promote other LYFT markets -- I did them to support OUR market and grow LYFT in Palm Springs. They don't seem to be interested at all in building Palm Springs or Inland Empire for that matter.

Most people don't realize our area (Inland empire) doesn't support $20 First ride coupons.


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I emailed Lyft a few months ago to drive and they said they don't offer service in Palm Springs, and to check back in a few months.

Don Oldenburg

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well they most certainly have service now. I only drive in Palm Springs -- and while I wish LYFT was busier, it does exist throughout the Coachella Valley. They are accepting Driver apps (if you need a Lyft code, let me know), they just don't offer $20 free ride apps anywhere in INLAND EMPIRE right now... Not just Palm Springs.

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