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I am new starting out tomorrow. (Open to best practices for the area.) But mainly my question is whats this I hear about needing a "U" decal or I cant go to the airport? I am seeing articles on this but it mentions LA airport and San Diego. Thanks in advance!

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Drop offs only at the AP.

Yes the trade dress " U" is mandatory. $1000 fine if caught without it. But I wouldn't worry much about it, cept the AP. Just rubber band it to the pass side visor, down when you need it, up to drive. Should be able to print one out. Or get it at the PS office ? Don't quote me on that.

I have heard, mostly short trip in dt ps.
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Your going to want to get the decal regardless, not sure about airport 101 though, I figure when an airport rider comes along ill handle accordingly, not really worried about it, hasnt come up for me yet anyway. I would be glad to hear from someone with info on this though.

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Uber is not authorized to do picks up at the AP. If a pax tries to do a request there app shows no drivers available until they get out of the perimeter. Seem with ONT AP.

Its a catch 22 with the fine and having to show the trade dress going in to an AP. I just have the pax sit up front.
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Interesting. Thank you for the input. OK maybe that explains why I didn't get one ping all day from 9AM-4PM when I was parked in a lot near the airport. HAHAHA. Ok thanks for the heads up. I am starting to think maybe Uber needs to advertise out here. I find myself explaining what Uber is to people out here. Got to try to find the best times to be out I guess. Any suggestions?

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To me its a tuff market their, you could check to see when the most departures are, then just being in an out laying area or logging at home. Seems to me the mall, Palm Desert would be good when people are leaving. I would be afraid to many shorts trip around El Paso, but I think the whole valley are shorts with an occasional to Riverside or beyond.

I meet an XL driver twice who was a rider of mine. when he works their, does the weekend nights but said after 10:30 it drops off until 1:30 am. I see that happening in Riverside. But I don't do Saturday night unless its been a bad week.

Also to, the snow birds should be coming back after Labor Day. Don't know if that will help.
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Cool! Thanks for the heads up! Your right so far just some short rides here and there. Nothing major. See how nights and weekends go. I got away from the airport just nothing coming from there. Like you said maybe when the Snowbirds come back.


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Just got this email from uber.
WHEN AND WHERE TO DRIVE We want to help you make the most of your time on the road in Palm Springs. Check out the best times and areas to drive in below:

Friday from 7 pm - 12 am
Saturday from 7 pm - 12 am


- S Indian Canyon Drive, Downtown Palm Springs

- E Palm Canyon Drive, Palm Springs

- Route 111, Palm Desert

- Hotels in Palm Springs and Palm Desert

Pro Tip: Think like a rider. A lot of Palm Springs riders are tourists who travel back and forth from hotels to popular tourist destinations.


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HA! No Thank goodness that wasn't my car. I got several little drives here and there saturday. but Sunday ended up being better had a couple rides to the tram. That added up. Nice to see tourists!
Good info, I had one from there but later in the evening, locals. They said alot of people attended. I didnt notice.

What type of people did you pick up? Vacation, business, or local? I believe, more need to be made aware of our existence and availability in the area