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Palm Beach Vote


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Well tomorrow (Tues) is the big vote in PBC. With a quick tempature check it does not look good. All but two commissioners emailed back a positive view on Uber wanting to continue as is I see it if Uber does not do what the County wants with backgrounds and fingerprinting, I think Uber will be done for a while or for good.


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Backgrounds and fingerprint are a mask. Uber doesn't want the drivers list made public as insurance may retaliate against the drivers. What is needed is a smart insurance company to approach Uber and say, "give us the data on each driver: when and where they go with the App on, and we'll tailor policies to match each driver." It's just a bit of computer programming and a lot of data to crunch. For a computer it's trivial once the program is written.

I just looked at the rider app in WPB for Select. 3 cars at the airport and 5 more near downtown. I guess I'll stay home. There's no way there will be 3 Select riders from PBI this evening; it's usually a long wait if you're 1st in the queue. Are these new Select drivers or ones from Broward checking the place out?

Either way, there's not enough meat to chew on here and some will move on soon (maybe all of us).

I'd like to testify at the hearing tomorrow but Uber would sack me for sure. I'd like to run the math for them about how much an UberX driver is making. It's so clear that Uber is making fools of us, all to give the public the illusion that this party is going to last. It isn't. $.76 a mile after they keep the 1st buck isn't enough even if you had a Pax in your car all the time, which of course you don't.

Chris Dee

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Backgrounds and fingerprint are a mask. Uber doesn't want the drivers list made public as insurance may retaliate against the drivers.
Florida has a broad open records act, this is LAW and Uber is violating it by not making the drivers in the area recorded. It has nothing to do with insurance or retaliation, it is a law in the state of Florida. The same as you can look up any security guards license, tow truck drivers license, taxi drivers license, ETC.... Seems petty to me and not a reason to stop Uber but that's the reason, not what you'all are stating.


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Anyone going to be at the vote today? Interested to see how it shakes out with whats going on in Broward.


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Haha Kaptain, I can only imagine the pennies I've left on the table from being on vacation for the last 10 days. Although, I only turned on my app for about 2 hours yesterday and did about $45. I'll be down in Boca after I get out of class, so hopefully I'll get a ride to PBI to hang with all y'all.


Well they changed their stance based on realizing that they only started the level 2 checks within the year, so the uber background check will uphold. I agree with the Level 2 (because I have one already).


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i even agree really with getting fingerprinted even if i have to pay for it because its worth it....i just dont agree with the million dollar insurance 24/7 ...so if i get in an accident taking my son to school they should have to pay for it?? its crazy