Paid More w/o Surge?


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My friends hyoethesis is we get paid more for longer fares than surge fares for short distance.

Example: Fare A from the middle of town to the edge of town $40
Fare B from edge of town to other edge $40

One starts from the middle of town and the other from the complete other side.

How can you justify more mileage? If you're nowhere near surge then I say don't chase it, but in my experience it's rewarding to chase it. And faster pick ups and drop offs so you can chase again!

Please someone refute this.

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The only surge worth aiming for is bar close. You know it will happen, you know people will request them. Special event surges as well. "Chasing" is always a bust.


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The only time I drive my car specifically toward a surge is when I'm stuck in a "no-mans land" after a drop-off and the distance to other non-surge or lower-surge hotspots are about the same.


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Driving all highway nets you better mpg, thus you make more $ at the end of the day.

But it also depends what's the surge x# for all rides are for those city 40miles.