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Last night I picked up this couple from a restaurant and as soon as they got inside my car the woman start complaining that the air freshener is too strong. I asked her if I should open the windows and she said yes please. So I open the windows little bit since it was very cold outside. It was a 13 minute ride and she was complaining that who uses so much air freshener and all that. When I dropped them off I said thank you and she just got out and slammed the door hard. Her husband was nice and did not complain and even said to
Me have a good night in a nice way. I rated the pax 1 star. Today I wrote to uber that the pox slammed my door.


Must be that time of the month for her...
I once had a guy asked me to roll all four windows down all the way before he stepped foot in the car because he “despises” air fresheners. Sure, no problem. Funny thing is, I didn’t have an air freshener at the time. People are weird.


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I work 9pm to 6 am. 5 days a week. To be honest if they said anything like that to me. I would just pull over cancel there trip and ask them to leave. Nicely of course. I guess I’ve been abused too much to take any crap from anybody anymore.