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People in Sac moaning how it's over saturated? Have you been out the last 2.5 hours? Sac has been surging since 6 am. I'm on my couch drinking coffee because I don't like to drive 6-9. It's a pain in the butt. Why? Because it's all school children who's parents aren't parenting them, needing a ride to school cuz their fat asses are too lazy to walk. And traffic is a nightmare for pennies a minute going one mile per hour. But no one has the right to complain that they're hiring more drivers when no one is out there right now. Just my thoughts, it's supply and demand. :rolleyes:
Edit: I think I will go tomorrow though cuz dayum.... :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
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Airport is over saturated. I guess people still don't know how to skip the que. It's not even a hack, but a built in feature for BOTH apps. Eff sitting in that lot. 55 drivers waiting hour after hour. Not to mention having to park next to inconsiderate smokers.