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Good example of why you should have the pax change the addres in the app if they want to go somwhere else other than what they entered. Because they can always called in and argue the charges.

However, in this case it looks like the driver failed to, or forgot to, end then ride.

Or it's possible the app was locked up. I've seen the map lock up and show a large surge that wasn't really there. I've also had several instances where I get a no show rider, and the app won't let me cancel. After the timer runs out, I hit cancel, select the reason, and it goes back to the first cancel page again. Drove to the end of the block, still couldn't cancel. Drove a couple miles away, still couldn't cancel. Couldn't pick up any more riders because I couldn't end this one. Drove all the way home (45 min) trying to cancel. Hour later, after I was home, it finally canceled. Got my cancellation fee! (demented LOL) You can take me to the funny farm now.


I've been in places where the network is so bad (downtown NOLA) and it won't end a ride...sometimes even problems starting ride.....good advice about changing address...I usually do it, but in the future I will ALWAYS do it