Outer loop continuous action


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question for the Houston drivers who head directly from the suburbs to the inner loop - do y’all ever experiment just staying in your starting location?

Basically every time I get a fare outside the beltway, I end up pinging until I get bored; especially on Sundays which always seem to get me out there for one reason or another.

Same goes for certain sketch neighborhoods during the weekday mornings. Longer fares and less wait time than trolling around Montrose with a dozen other drivers within 5 blocks.

In my view driving into the loop to start your day is on par with me driving out to the airport to start mine. It doesn’t make much monetary sense.


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Downtown, midtown, Heights, and other areas surrounding downtown usually equals, at least for me, a somewhat steady strem of 2 to 4 dollar rides. Sometimes not so steady. So beteeen pickup time and wait time in between pickups, etc, my average there can be kind of erratic, which is on par with driving anywhere else in Houston these days. Ranges from erratic to sucky, anymore. Personally i can't stand the potholes and cement mounds/coverups/quickrepairs that are heavy in and around downtown, and all i seem to do is cuss a lot (without passengers of course), so staying around downtown and inside the loop isn't all it's cracked up to be. For me.


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When I still drove in Houston (heh... it's been a whole week... y'all don't know what you're missing in terms of drivers being competent), I found Seabrook, Tomball, and Baytown to be great for double-teaming it (don't do Lyft more than 8 minute pickups). Southwest of 288/8 was good for Lyft, although your ratings will plummet, and you'll have lots of long pickups. Passedina is just a headache, avoid at all cost, same with Galveston. Once you leave Harris county (exception being like Kemah or Conroe), you're going to be SOL for rides.


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I just moved to an area between Memorial City and Katy (almost Katy) and just might give your information a try. Since I will be living in that area for awhile I just have to figure out how to get home again without a long dead head.


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I live near Westheimer and Beltway 8. I usually start my day by heading to the Shipley's donuts at Westheimer and Gessner, then across the street to the Randall's gas station, then go on the air in their parking lot. I'll usually have my first ride within 5-10 minutes.