Out Of State Trips


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i recently unknowingly picked up a rider who was going to the casino, in north carolina. i drive in atlanta. i took him but for a 5 hr round trip i got $87. i think there should be a separate category, and fare set up for riders needing out of town drivers. when i got there i waited to see if i could bring someone back but it said vehicle not permitted there.


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You are allowed to cancel those rides. Simply tell pax that you cannot go that far. Tell them you have to pick up your kids in an hour, or something that they will most likely understand and not want to complain to Uber about you.

You can also tell pax that it's not worth it financially, for the reasons you stated, and if they're willing to give you an upfront tip that you both agree on, then that could work also.


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I think both U/L should give drivers some flexibility. I live on the border of Mass and NH. There is no sales tax in NH. A lot of Mass people drive up to NH to save on sales tax. Many of my rides end up going back to Mass and I have to deadhead back to NH. Boston/Logan International Airport is only 42 miles from my house but with traffic coming back out Boston it can take up to 2 hours. If I stop giving rides to people going back to Mass I might as well just strop driving completely. I should be allowed to pick up and drive within 20 miles of the state line.


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I can guarantee the customer paid close to $200.00 if nor more for the trip. Uber greed, screwing the driver taking place.