Orlando cab questions

I hope y'all don't mind a cabbie coming in here with some questions, but many of you seem knowledgeable in this area, and many former Ubers are now cabbies, or so I gather.

First off, I lived in DeBary and commuted into Orlando for work/shopping between '92 and '02, so I have some familiarity with the area. My memories of it are a bit hazy, but I believe it would be relatively easy for me to re-learn the place.

I'm currently unemployed but I've been an airport cabbie in Asheville for the last several years. It's busy during "the season" but dies down quite a bit after New Years.

If I were to return to Orlando, my game plan would be to start off with one of the smaller companies (that "10/10" cab seems to be all over craigslist this morning, for example) and then, as my confidence level rose, jump to Mears, or whatever other established company I might decide was a good prospect.

I like being an airport cabbie--not too many drunks coming out of airports! :smiles: I'm guessing if you want to lease a cab with an airport sticker, it costs more.

I liked the Lake Monroe area. If I located there, would I be able to lease a taxi to work the Orlando-Sanford airport?

Anyway, I invite comments. It's been a while, but I always thought the Orlando area a fine place to live.


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The Winter Park fleet works the Sanford-Orlando airport. That airport is nothing like Orlando International. There are two international airlines that operate out of Sanford, plus Allegiant. The general rule of thumb is one fare per two Allegiant flights and two fares for every international flight. That is a general estimate. Some days are slower and some are busier. So, let's say you arrive at the airport at noon and there are 8 cars ahead of you and you see 12 Allegiant arrivals in the next 6 hours. You would be lucky to get a fare if you waited 6 hours. The reason people wait so long is that the fares out of there are large. Most people go from that area to the Orlando Airport or Disney. It's about $90 to OIA from Sanford and about $125 to Disney. Some drivers think it is worth waiting, but you could also wait 6 hours for a $40 fare. To summarize, Sanford Airport is a gamble, but people do it. They mainly do it because they get tired of picking up street calls and they need a break.

When you start at Mears you get a lower rate. The rate increases by $10 every 10 days. So, if you plan to do it you need to work as much as possible in the first 60 days because you are not paying the full rate. You will start out working in the Checker fleet or Winter Park. Checker works unincorporated Orange County and Disney. Winter Park works unincorporated Orange County, Winter Park, the Sanford Airport and Seminole County. Once you drive for a few weeks you can ask to get assigned to a fleet that works Orlando, or Orlando and the airport. You have a better chance getting one of those cars on the night shift.

I don't know enough about 10/10 to tell you if they make money or not. I do know that you can make $150 to $200 a day paying the reduced rate at Mears. It makes no sense to go anywhere else until you get to the full rate at Mears.

If you decide to go to Mears, make sure they know you have been here before for more than a year. You will also have to take a geography test on the local area.

I have posted all of this before, so if you search "Mears" you will get answers to all of your questions. Good luck.
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^^^surely there's more to your story... like, I dunno, you're independently wealthy and just drive cabs for a hobby??


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the park perk is nice but when you only drive for Mears and not Uber, you don't get STARS. As a grown ass man I don't care for theme parks, I prefer gentlemen's theme parks, that's right strip clubs n hookers, you can tip stripers and pay hookers with STARS :smiles: thanks UBER !