Ordered by Accident


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She says she ordered the Uber by accident at 3:30AM last night.. hey can I cancel, so I said yes go a head and cancel thinking she would do it but didn't. Now back in the day when we got 2-3X surges I would have said screw it I'll eat the $3.75 loss NOPE not anymore continued on my journey right to the front of the house activated my 3-5 min countdown and got my $4.78 cancel fee lol.


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That drives me nuts. I sat across Butler St and watched some nasty person like that until the timer went down. “Oh, you gotta cancel or awl get charged,” after I already drove there.
Exactly. Get charged.


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Had a lady call me when I was about 2 minutes away saying that Uber got there first (I was on Lyft at the time), seriously; she said the app wouldn't let her cancel and asked me to; I said "no, sorry, its better if you cancel. I will just switch to Uber and work Uber until you figure it out." About 15 seconds later, I guess she figured it out