Opting out of Pool ??

Joe Falcone

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Saw in the driver app theres a thingy that shows you what rides your eligible for
in my case it says XL, and then X and pool are lumped together.
Does anyone know a way to opt out of pool ??
All i hear is bad situations or BAD pay and that its a large waste of time.
Thoughts ?


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I don't get pool rides. Mine says uberx and pool but after a lengthy back and fourth with support last spring I haven't had a pool ride since!


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I got to handicap vehicle I am not supposed to get pool. What every week every set the app. I start getting pool all over..with the new software u can maybe get out .. but you will auto be put back in...i know every week good to fight to get out. And I am.not supposed to do pool.


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I've never had a pool....been driving for over a year, never been pinged a pool even one time. Never asked to opt out. My guess I am listed as a Delaware driver, and when I started last year, pool was not available in Delaware yet.


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you are lucky as uber wav is not allowed to get pool and new app was giving it 2 me..one day you will sign online and u will have pool with this newc app...unless u are out of state like u say


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Guess it's a network issue, yday night I had "only" pool requests, even the DF going home (lucky on a surge)..


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Down here they opted all new drivers to uber pool regardless of car level or experience around October. It was allegedly nationwide.

Recently i noticed that I no longer show up on the rider app under pool.

Also checking other XL drivers all day, I check of they have x on and all of the xl drivers who have x on do not show up on pool on the rider app.