OPT IN to the Lyft hourly guarantees regardless of whether you drive them.


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Mon. 7/11
$18/hr from 7am-9am
$20/hr from 8pm-11pm

Tue. 7/12
$20/hr from 8pm-11pm

Fri. 7/15
$18/hr from 3pm-7pm
$20/hr from 9pm-12am
$25/hr from 1am-3am
$20/hr from 3am-4am

Sat. 7/16
$20/hr from 9am-7pm
$20/hr from 9pm-10pm
$25/hr from 10pm-12am
$25/hr from 1am-3am
$20/hr from 3am-4am

Sun. 7/17
$18/hr from 8pm-10pm
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Never hurts to lock out as many surge killing guarantee chasers as possible. LOL

begin flame>
I won't drive em but I'll opt in because Lyft has been good to me this week. $75 gross Friday + $17 tips. $80 gross in 2-3 hrs today, only 50 miles + a $14 cash tip! Hopefully my other fares tipped me in the app.
Zero UberXL requests today but, I would of paid Uber 28% & probably got Zero$ tips. Keep bringing it Lyft.


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Friday evening.
I received all the garuntee emails this month but that one. I'm locked into the 3/2 ride quota. If you were to forward me the email you relieved, would it be specific to you or can I log in using my phone number?