Operation Misery Over?

Are the good times here to stay a while?

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It seems like the good days may be back boys and girls, with demand picking up around 9/11

Today didn't end as well as I would have wanted it to for me though. Started doing some regular fares around midnight and got one to Medford from Regal 13 in Fenway (10 bucks) then a 5 minute trip (which I had to wait 5+ minutes for ... and it ended up being some drunk kids that on top of being late almost didn't close my door before I drove away!!!

Then at the end of the night got a 1.9X out of gov't center to Stuart st. into a 2.2X from Stuart into Northern Ave. in the Seaport Area. I was ... displeased lol; an out of town trip would have been ideal. Especially since I waited for the last customer to come out of BPD Blockade on Stuart.

The total includes $35 incentive.


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