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Operation Cruise SoHo-UBER OFF for one hour, Midnight to 1am.


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Operation Cruise SoHo-Location change


Operation Cruise SoHo-Location change

Event for Tampa Bay Rideshare ·

UBER OFF for one hour, Midnight to 1am.
This is just the first action in an ongoing campaign. We're asking anyone who cannot attend to join us in spirit, by logging off from midnight to 1 am anywhere in the city.

The SOUTHEAST CORNER OF THE PARKING LOT, off of Swann, is where we'll meet, briefly, at 11pm.

Write your protest message on your car with shoe polish, or however it will be clearly visible. Please, nothing on the windshield, and Keep it CLEAN! The photographer from the New York Times will be there; other media if we want.

We plan on cruising Howard from midnight until 1am. If we have too many cars, we're going to take the message to other areas.

Drive slowly, and WATCH FOR PEDESTIANS.

This channel is for this, and future actions: