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Operating in different cities


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Hi all,

I am seeking advice after having already gone to tge uber office in manchester and contacting manchester council. Iam currently an uber driver in London but am planning to move to Manchester. Uber informed me I can continue to use my london ph licence until it expires in manchester but then i need to apply for a manchester licence. Has anyone else done this and is this the case? All is clear re. manchester licence but i understand you need to have 2/3 car inspections a year? Would they not pick up that I have a London licence? Also the car needs to be white or silver but uber informed me it can be any colour?would really appreciate advice from anyone who has made the transition as am getting told different things! many thanks


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The car needs to be white or silver if you licence it with Manchester Council. But if you use your TFL licence to work there it can be any colour.


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Thanks for this. So I can use my tfl licence in Manchester until it expires? Did you have a similar experience? What about the vehicle jnspections I mention above? Many thanks