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Open source rideshare service?

Discussion in 'Technology' started by JBinPenfield, Nov 14, 2017 at 5:13 AM.

  1. JBinPenfield

    JBinPenfield Member

    Penfield, NY
    Someone is probably already working on this somewhere and has a crowdfunding thing going but I was just wondering...

    Would it be possible to create an open source rideshare app and service that eliminates the corporate structure above the drivers, and lets the drivers keep all their $$? A true independent contractor system.

    You'd probably still need a minimal central organization to handle background checks, but that might be handled with a membership fee and some sort of co-op.

    Could the need for central servers be eliminated by distributing all computation throughout the cloud of cell phones?

    Drivers could set their own prices and let the market itself determine the best price point for all.

    The rating system would operate pretty much the same way it does now, though with tweaks to make it better.

    A small prototype could be set up in a single small city or town, then scaled after most of the bugs are out.

    I don't have the skills or the time to get involved in such a thing, I'm just wondering what others think.
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  2. CvilleUber

    CvilleUber Active Member

    Charlottesville, VA
    Insurance? TNC fees for each state? Lawyers? Marketing?

    I think Waze already has something like that - but it's not a true TNC/ride-share, it's more of a slug line for commuters - with the current state of TNC/ride-share I don't see that sticking around too long.

    States want money (I think Uber pays flat fees in some states and per-ride in others); and your private insurance isn't going to cover you when doing ride-share.
  3. wareagle30

    wareagle30 New Member

    Uber & Lyft literally cant make things easier for drivers.
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