Only 46 rides left to make Quest today


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What strategy would ensure I make this goal in the next 16 hours?

You'd need to do 3 rides an hour for 16 straight hours to make an extra w.e. You're going to have to run nothing but pool rides which aren't profitable so it's not worth it and if it was worth it (doing all x's) , it wouldn't be physically possible to pull it off in 16 hours.


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No chance haha, I have 15 more rides left. I'm sure I will be golden for 12 of them and then sweat it out for 3 hours until I get the last one at 3:45 am haha


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I would rather be poor and invest my time n energy in something else than quest for anything more than 25 rides. The money you make doing quest is basically covering fuel costs.

However....what you could do to make quests is to only take uberpools. That's right I SAID IT. only take uberpools to maximize your chance of getting more than one ride per trip. Especially at base rate this is crucial until you have 10 rides or under. Lol.