Online for 1 hour 30 minutes, no pings


I guess this summer gig was just that. Uber is dead. Only get riders at midnight and later now.

I dig the work but not the waiting. Maybe I really do need to join Lyft too. Oh well. It was a fun summer. Don't get why it dried up.


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Yes definitely have Lyft too, but don't expect a lot more pings. You just have to have both on to make it worth it. You can PM me for my referral code.


Finally got a trip request... To the east side of Manhattan... Man was she pissed when I politely declined. She slammed my door so hard the car shook.


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i hate going to th city specially for manhasset they only give you $30 $35 whit the toll and and the way back you need to pay the toll out of your pocket


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guys i just find out for 2 costumer that lyft is stelling money form us we need collect evidence sue them let's no stay quiet uber may be doing same thing so pliz guys before you costumer get drop off ask how much they charge them and compare to yours and if no the same change pictures and call let them look i don't lie that don't match i call lyft and they try to play me saying that the costumer has surcharges and i told them what are they and she hang off the phone on me!! be careful i don't want that this to happen to any of you


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