One shot is all you get


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Was broadside by a lady, she was 100% at fault and car is totaled. Her insurance is paying out $2,000 OVER what XChange Leasing paid for the car back to them. I Uber'ed 70 hrs a week and XChange just informed me that I cannot lease another car from them. I've been out of work 3 weeks and now face losing EVERYTHING. Thanks Ubet, for believing in drivers who belived in you.


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I LOVE when other people total my car! As long as there is no injuries the insurance is very generous. Get your own car and benefit from it next time. And remember uber should never be your main source of income so work hard at your day job.


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Uber should stop activating people until they can prove they have full time employment elsewhere.

This gig should ONLY be part time or very limited.

That's like bankers should only lend when the borrower is proven to be able to take on the commitment of a mortgage.

But then the pool of potential borrowers dry up quickly as everyone ignores the real problem.

Not a system that allows folks to be able to live decently + overload of products that isn't necessary off of the backs of those who are the ones ending up overextended and in a position much like OP's.


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Just recently had a small incident and out of a car for 7 days, didn't Uber for the entire weekend that I normally would due to being in the accident and in a rental. Damage was under 800, rental was just under 200. XL still wants their payment. Uber, XL nor our insurance company would allow me to file loss wages since I was not in the vehicle. Lesson learned.

Try BAMA leasing. Since you are cleared from XL, they should allow you to lease. Their terms are different like the mileage cap but hey... you have an option I guess A.J.