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One of the most brilliant or perhaps stupidest idea ever. You be the judge.

Discussion in 'Chicago' started by metal_orion, Feb 16, 2016.

  1. metal_orion


    Hello Uber People! I came across this idea the other day which I think it is worth a try. You know how greedy Uber is when you know they would keep in their platform the lowest of the lowest scum of the earth in order to keep the green comming, right? So I think it isn't fair for us drivers to have to deal with this type of costumer and accept the stupid predetermined answers from Uber support when we reach to them when something goes wrong.

    So my idea is to create a pax black list. I know many would see this as wrong for disclosing other people personal information over the internet and who knows if Uber lurks under this forum and finds out perhaps we would face being disconnected, but in my opinion we need to resort to many tactics in order to keep ourselves drivers safe out there, specially the ones who risk their lives at night driving in some shady neighborhoods. I hope people understand how Uber doesn't give a rats ass about our integrity as drivers, so that is why I came up with this idea.

    For this we can simply use Google maps, go to "My Maps" tab then on the bottom left corner click create map then type in the address of the pax that you previously had a terrible experience with so you can avoid him for a second time. Now that you have entered the address you want to save click on the three little dots on the right of the untitled layer and click on rename this layer and add the name for that pax. You can even edit that marked place by simply clicking on the marker and then edit and you can even state the reason why you consider that person a bad passenger that is not worth picking up.

    And I believe this may work better if you are already signed in with your google account so it syncs up to all you devices where you are already signed in with the corresponding google account. Again this might feel intrusive and out of the ordinary, but since Uber highly shuns the idea of weapons inside of your car or they don't even deactivate people who really deserves it we have to find creative ways to better deal with bad situations and prevent others from repeating our same mistakes. I hopes this helps. Uber on!

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  2. Nick S

    Nick S

    San Diego
    That's really creepy dude. Go and find another job, stop relying on uber to fix your bank account
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  3. Umm...no. Just no. This not only something Uber would have a problem with, but I'm pretty sure it's illegal and as previously said, creepy.
    I agree that something needs to be done about the bad pax...like give us their ratings again. But this is not the answer.
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  4. mkane


    I don't see how this can work. How are you going to have time to check if a pax is on the black list before you accept?

    I have a couple of people that I won't pick up memorized but that is about it.
  5. hanging in there

    hanging in there

    Orange County and LA County
    The way I see it, the Uber passenger rating system would in fact be the ideal feedback system for other drivers, from a simple and practical standpoint. Except.... for the fact that some drivers insist on rendering this system useless and meaningless. How? By rating low for non-tippers. IMO non-tippers are not in the same league as pax with issues that you need to avoid. They are simply following Uber marketing messages and should not be downrated for that.

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