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one last try.


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im going to leave my app on for 8am to 8pm ..its sunday i have never done this. i never worked it like this..i A$sumed...that if i only worked peaks and the morning airport runs i would be ok. Its not ok lately...ill see what happens if i just do my 12 hours straight. I assumed that by doing this 12 hours straight was a waste of time and money. driving 12 hours straight will be 3 tanks of gas..75 bonez...i almost know that im not gonna make 6x as much money as when i typically use a 1/2 tank daily....its last shopping sunday before xmas...hail Mary Full of Grace!!!!!!!!!!!!


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gave up at 63 bucks 2pm ..its really not for me to spend the day like this. I hope the old heat map is back soon or they throw us some kind of bone.
I filled out some kind of survey on christmas season dates ill be working. I saw some posts about guaranteed rates back in october 2014. (most of them about how it was impossible to collect). Maybee ill get a letter...im wishing in one hand and the other hand is full at this point.
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