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One EZ-Pass for NJ and One EZ-Pass for NY


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I did my homework just now.

- Using the NJ EZ-Pass you get a discount at some Garden State and Turnpike tolls during non-peak hours (No discount with NY EZ-Pass)

- Using the NY EZ-Pass you get a discount at some NY bridged and tolls (No discount with NJ EZ-Pass)

I now have two EZ-Passes. Tolls are a big ticket item for me which goes into the thousands each year. Even if I can save 20% thats still a lot of cash...


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If your spending thousands a year you should get a commercial account, the transponders are Blue, because you pay full fare at all tolls but depending on how much you incur you get a discount percentage depending on the total.


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  • Commercial vehicle (with at least 2 axles, 6 tires).
  • Minimum charges of $600 annually. SHP fees that are charged to your Commercial Charge Account are included when computing the $600 annual minimum requirement. However, SHP fees are not included when computing toll volume discounts.
  • A Surety, in the form of a Bond or Cash Deposit, in the amount of three times your anticipated monthly toll charges and SHP fees or as determined by the Authority.


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6 Tires?, I pick up and deliver vehicles for a large dealer group and they have all blue commercial ezpass transponders and we use them for a lot of cars and trucks with 4 tires.


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That is the NY EZ Pass commercial account. Here is the NJ EZ Pass commercial account


So your car must be "business owned" in NJ. In NY, it sounds like you need more than just business owned.


  • Vehicles are business owned or leased vehicles with two or more axles
  • Single or multiple rear tires
  • For tractor trailers, auto transporters, pickup and other trucks, buses, vans, cars, motorcycles, and RVs


Stick with the green pass for all you NJ tolls, and get a "port authority one" (got mine at the verrizano bridge) to get the NY tag discount IN NY... good think about the port authority one... no monthly maintenance fee also.
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