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Onboarding Birmingham?


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I'm told by Uber it is a 2-3 month wait for onboarding in Brum, is there a way round this like travelling to another city to get on quicker?


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Have you already got a Birminghan PH license? If not you could try getting one from another city, and then signing up with Uber there.


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Yes I have my badge it's with Wolverhampton, that's who most people in Brum get their badge with as they're the cheapest & Uber tell us to also.


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they did open up appointments for sept and October about month ago , honestly speaking i have made two appointments just in case i didn't have my vehicle insurance and plated by the on boarding appointment date. Later found out its not absolute must for you to have a car insured and plated on the on boarding appointment.
i have october 28th appointment available if anyone is interested call me on 07459 676761.