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Onboarding and other questions

Discussion in 'Birmingham, UK' started by Ish007, Sep 29, 2017.

  1. Ish007


    West Midlands
    Onboarding in Brum is not available at the mo. Im spend a lot of time in London, so do you think its possible to onboard in London even though majority of my driving will be in West Midlands?

    also a non-uber related question. Does anyone know whether you could do private hires (uber or non-uber through a standard tax operating base) in a city where you didnt get your private hire license? eg. License in Brum, and drive in Wolverhampton or Coventry for example
  2. Dinky


    As I understand it (am open to being corrected!) you need to onboard somewhere in the West Midlands to drive in the West Midlands and yes you can go to standard taxi base which isn't Uber as long as it's in the West Midlands.

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