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On the road: introducing on-trip feedback


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We think of tips as money paid to us. Uber thinks of tips as wisdom passed down from Uber to its lowly dumb-ass drivers who need to be led by the hand everywhere we go.

This new "feature" on the app is simply another example that the codekids had to have something to report at the monthly meeting to prove they are doing something. So, viola! Useless, distracting on-trip feedback -- yet another step forward down the Yellow Brick Road!


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if any riders submits feedback like this with no tip accompanied

1 star, unmatch request

just more non sense that doesn't put $2.50+ a gallon of gas in the tank

if this pops up during trip it's a life threatening distraction

problem speaking to the human with your life in their hands risking their own 1 foot away or so sheltered & under the influence of some prescription that handing the human a $5+ bill is a hassle & traumatic, youll never be in my ride again & rides will take longer to arrive until they get a fresh new 5 star account, lots of them been popping up to the point i dont accept 5 stars anymore its usually someone already banned or low rated with a new account 4.8s-4.9s only

anyone else notices since gas prices went up addresses that used to be "7-4" minutes away are now magically "4-1" minutes away lmao like really how evil & low can they go my bad a PENNY is "premium" to them haha

oh well this only effects the newbs who worry bout this non sense
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90% of my trips $40-$75 an hour so this wont effect me & 5 star services for 5 star prices, riders going 40 miles to airport with purpose who appreciate the service, on the rare occasion i take a few for the team to lower cancel rate are all 1 starred & unmatched anyway, only had to put 2 people out in 3 years, 1 was just left at Starbucks technically so only once did i do the just gtfo so i would avoid that conflict, i screen good enough to avoid most exploiting the system, i do early mornings and dont do the dash cam so ill least try to avoid that conflict / escalation

its really just another pointless feature

even the new chat is harder to read gray on gray text, much smaller font, use of microphone which i keep turned low & im sure now the texts are stored better

they do absolutely nothing for drivers benefits all for people who cant afford the service not being able to profit off 15+ million rides a day is beyond incompetent just more calculated fraud & evil
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