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Old Farts, make sure Uber isn't charging you a 25% fee


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So, I haven't driven since February. Last night I went out, drove almost 6 hours and made a whopping $57.

Upon inspecting my payout, I discovered Uber is charging me a 25% fee instead of the 20% fee many of us old farts are supposed to be grandfathered in.

Here is the email I sent to Uber:

I am supposed to be grandfathered in on the 20% fee. I have been an Uber driver for over three years. For every fare I took last night, I was charged a 25% fee.

The mileage rate for all of my rides last night was $1.13 per mile. I was paid $0.8475 per mile for every trip. That is after 25% was deducted from my mileage.

If only 20% had been deducted from the $1.13 per mile, I would have been paid $0.904 per mile.

The same mistake happened with my pay for time as well.

The per minute rate is $0.17 per minute. I am receiving $0.125 after Uber takes a 25% fee. Uber is only supposed to be taking a 20% fee so my rate per minute is supposed to be $0.136 per minute.

25% from my earnings is being deducted instead of 20% for my fee.

Please correct this for the rides I took last night and fix my account so this doesn't happen on future trips.

And here is my latest response from Uber:

Thanks for reaching out, Stephen.

I would like to inform you that with upfront fares, riders agree to a fare that’s calculated in advance, while your earnings are based on a per-mile, per-minute rate as they've always been. Because no model to predict the upfront fares is 100% perfect, what riders pay and drivers earn on a trip may differ from time to time.

Also, I would like to inform you that service fees are not a set percentage. The service fee is the difference between the rider’s fare and the partner’s earnings.

Partner's earnings will always be calculated using base fare+time+distance. The service fee amount can vary based on the upfront fare charged to the rider.

There are times when what a rider pays may be higher or lower than what you earn for a trip. Our goal is to keep driver rates consistent, while allowing us to offer new options for riders like flat fares and subscriptions.

So, I can confirm you that your total earnings from this trip is correct and based on the actual time and distance of the trip.

I hope this information helps.

Sent by AsifN on Friday, August 3, 2018 at 12:49:25 PM