Ola drops fares in Canberra (and elsewhere)

Jack Malarkey

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When Ola recently increased its commission from the introductory rate of 7.5% to the standard rate of 15%, it also surreptitiously dropped the rates.

In Canberra, this now means that Uber pays better than Ola even after taking into account Uber’s higher commission of 27.5%.

Uber’s rates for Canberra are base fare $2.35 plus $1.35 per kilometre plus 45 cents per minute. These rates include GST.

Ola’s rates for Canberra excluding GST are now base fare $1.82 plus $1.04 per kilometre plus 35 cents per minute. Once GST is included, these rates are base fare $2.00 plus $1.14 per kilometre plus 39 cents per minute.

Ola did not foreshasow these changes apart from the increase in commission.


Above: Ola rates for a fare on 23 August 2018


Above: Ola rates for a fare on 1 August 2018
I got 13 trips request from ola this week. 12 trips I got when I was on UBER trip. Ended up doing only 1 ola trip other cancelled. That’s mean they give preference on moving car. How stupid they are.

Jack Malarkey

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I’ve done some calculations and have concluded that the payout for Ola is now the same as for Uber.

Once you include GST, Ola in Canberra now pays base fare of $2 plus $1.14/km plus 39 cents per minute minus commission of 15%.

Uber in Canberra pays base fare of $2.35 plus $1.35/km plus 45 cents per minute minus 27.5% commission.

Assume the trip is Hughes to the airport and is a distance of 13 kilometres and takes 22 minutes (a trip I had this morning).

Once you do all the calculations, Ola would pay the driver $21.60 and Uber would also pay the driver $21.60.