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OKC Tips?


New Member
Off and on driver wanting to know if tips have increased following the rate cut in OKC. I know that as a rider, I feel inclined to tip every time...are all OKC/Norman pax feeling pressure to tip now? I'd only get back on the road as a driver if tipping is becoming the norm.


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As a rider, I also tip. As a driver, the majority of riders do not tip. They don't even think about it. There are a few riders that do tip, and are very insistent about it. I don't think any riders are feeling pressured to tip. That's one of the perks for uber riders, not exchanging money. I always make sure I have some bills on me when I'm a rider...........UNLESS the driver sucks, which has been the case on more than one occasion recently.


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driving 2 months in okc area. zero tips :confused:. i did need a ride once though and tipped the driver. thought to myself.. how can i not tip? no tips is surreal, just don't get it. picked up some very wealthy folks too. I can get $10 tip at the trailer park all daydelivering a pizza , but not a dime delivering people lol true story.


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2 weeks under my belt and Uber says I have already had 100 trips. I do get tipped pretty good most of the time. Usually from people out of town. I have a question about the app. Can you add riders to the trip through the app or am I suppose to remember and get on line when I get home?